Creating, Living, Cooking

You follow recipes, you listen to advice, you go your own way. Even wholehearted effort sometimes falls short, the best intentions do not insure success. There is no help for it, so go ahead, begin and continue: with yourself, with others, with vegetables.

Begin and continue with what is in front of you.

The way to cook is to cook. The results don’t have to be just right, measuring up to some imagined or ingrained taste. Our cooking (creativity) doesn’t have to prove how wonderful or talented we are. Our original worth is not something which can be measured, increased or decreased. Just feed, satisfy, nourish. Enter each activity thoroughly, freshly, vitally. Splash! There is completely no secret: just plugging in, allowing time, making space, giving energy, tending each situation with warm-hearted effort. The spoon, the knife, the food, the hunger; broken plates and broken plans. Play, don’t work. Work it out.

Ed Brown, Tassajara Cooking

This quote encompasses much of what I think about daily, and much of what you will find on this site. Cooking is a metaphor for a need we all have: to make value in our lives; to create.