Photo by Anna Koenig

Photo by Anna Koenig



About My Work

The root of the word ecology comes from the Greek οἶκος (oikos), which means home. Add
 -ology and you have "the study of home."

I am an ecologically concerned writer, photographer, backpacker, long-distance off-road bike tourer, and non-denominational Buddhist. I write fiction, creative non-fiction, & short stories.

 My work offers a peaceful break from the fast-paced modern world. I do my best to live by what I believe in.


I had moved to Portland, OR in Summer 2015. Spring 2016 rolled around. I was searching for what was next. I found out my Subaru needed serious work. I sold it for far less than hoped. I bought a bicycle instead of a van. Without knowing anything about touring, I headed to Washington, rode to Northern Idaho, then Montana, and beyond. I found in that first 400 mile trip that cycling allows far more freedom than driving. I haven't looked back since.


Published By

The Sun, Collective Quarterly, On Being, Patagonia, Taproot Magazine



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