Photo by Anna Koenig

Photo by Anna Koenig



Hudson Gardner takes pictures and writes. 

He's currently writing about awareness, existence, and how people live and move within landscapes.

He enjoys giving a voice to things that have no human language. 

For the last two years he has been making a living as a wandering farmer.

Hudson lives in Talpa, New Mexico.



2018 — Omaha Creative Institute -  Medium Green

2018 — One Poem - Circle Of Seasons Zine, Spring - Fishtrap

2017 — One Poem - Circle Of Seasons Zine, Winter - Fishtrap

2017 — One Poem - Circle Of Seasons Zine, Fall - Fishtrap

2017 — On Ancient Ground - Self Published Zine + Book

2017 — The Sun Magazine - February 2017

2016 -  Collective Quarterly - A Forager

On Being, Patagonia, Taproot Magazine