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"Hello everyone,

I recently completed the book design and custom stamp for the written portion of the project.

Unfortunately, my financial situation is too tenuous at the moment to make an order for the book, which will cost around $500 before postmarking it to all the donors.

At the outset of this project, about five months ago, I figured I could use the money from the Kickstarter to pay for publishing costs. When the funds were disbursed to my account, I gave half to Anna, as she was part of the project even though she's not been part of the content aspect: she offered promotion, support, and of course the role of my companion on the trip.

We ended up using the money for groceries, maintenance, and travel costs during the trip and after, rather than to put this work out into the world. Since then I've been using money out of pocket to pay for the printing of the photos (which I hope everyone received) and then trying to save and find enough money to complete the second part. 

The reason I'm not in a good financial situation has to do with a last minute change of plans. We were left to cobble together low wage and infrequent work in Oregon instead of moving to Montana where Anna and I had a regular and decently paying work lined up.

All of these factors have pushed the publishing of the written part of the project further back than I expected. It's hard to make a living and make art at the same time, at least in the way I want to be doing both of those things. 

About four years ago I decided to stop living for some imagined future where things line up in a certain way, and I can finally do the things I've wanted to do. I decided to start doing them now. But this approach comes with a lot of uncertainty. What I mean to say is that I'm doing what I want to be doing, which means living life on my own terms, being outside, being strong in mind and body, keeping stress levels low, cooking and sharing food, being part of community, etc. But these things don't offer monetary recompense. Where my effort lies is in people, places, and things that don't pay me for my time. However, these are the things that matter most to me, so I wouldn't live a different way... But it makes it hard to be part of the other side of the world that involves the exchange of money for goods and services.

I hope everyone who so kindly supported Anna & I's trip and work can continue to be patient. I think the stamp I ordered will arrive soon and I'll send out a picture of what the cover of the printed part will look like. The writing is good, exactly what I hoped it would be. The right words were given to me from the landscapes we went through.. and I'm excited to share them, and so much more eventually."

- Hudson

MUSIC Ferris Wheel, January
EATING Scottish Oatmeal
READING The Dying Grass


MUSIC Valentin Stip
EATING Scottish Oatmeal
READING The Dying Grass


MUSIC Pomegranates
EATING Short grain rice wrapped in nori. With vegetables

MUSIC  Towards the blessed islands
EATING Muesli with water