Nor'eastah Summah - Playlist

Thoughts To Think About While Listening

What do you do when someone you care about lives in a different reality
and their reality is just as real as your own, because they believe it
but they can't see, in their reality, that they are actually being hurt
and when you tell them, they won't listen?

I had a friend long ago, who became not a friend, due to his and my choices
And nowadays we're friends again, but it took a long time to heal it
I get frustrated when people won't acknowledge truths they are aware of
Impossible or not
And find it hard to live around those people
Maybe it's a personality flaw, but I cannot be two-faced, acting like everything is fine
when it's definitely not
I have to speak my truth
And sometimes  people don't want to hear it
Or their justifications seem fine to them
Yet I feel like I can see through all of them
To what really matters
Because what I have more than anything
Is time, patience, and clarity to check everything
And intuition about what is good, and what is not

Maybe it's because I listen so closely to myself
That I can see through everything else
Yet not being the other person
The best conclusion I can come to
Will only be my own reality
That others may or may not agree with